Tomato Basil Soup

Portabella Mushroom
Topped with spinach, cream & baked parmesan cheese 10.95

Cajun Fried Oysters
Over spring mix lettuce drizzled with russian dressing 14.95

Arugula Salad Special
 goat cheese, oranges, beets & praline pecans, raspberry vinaigrette  10.95

Homemade Lobster Ravioli
 topped with a pink cream sauce 23.95

Homemade Paglia & Fieno
 white & green fettuccine topped with sliced sausage , white pumpkin and zucchini light cream sauce 17.95

Shepards Pie 14.95

Corned Beef & Cabbage Platter with carrots & potatoes side of mustard 16.95

Sesame Crusted Salmon
With a honey ginger sauce with grilled endive & red bliss potato 23.95

Fish & Chips
Fried Filet of sole with homemade parmesan fries & coleslaw 22.95

Poppy's Place Restaurant

Dinner Specials